Unfortunately due to claimants lack of belief that they truly have unclaimed funds multimillion of dollars go unclaimed each year before the redemption period expires. Once this happens government agencies legally take possession of multimillion of dollars each and every year. More »


You owe us NOTHING if we are unable to obtain your funds. Our firm earns a nominal fee of only 30% of the total amount recovered for you. We are paid ONLY when we recover your funds from the government agency. More »

How do you begin recovering your cash property?

Contact our office today, we will explain to you how the process works to recover your unclaimed funds. We can help you have your cash in hand in as little as 30 DAYS or less. More »


Frequently Asked Questions:

1) Is Cash Findings, LLC a legitimate company?
Yes, we are a licensed asset recovery company incorporated in the state of Georgia. We apologize, Georgia Corporations Division has a new site and you must sign in to do corporation searches and we can no longer provide the link to verify our status.

2) How did you locate me and find my personal information?
Cash findings, LLC utilizes various public records and proprietary databases to obtain names, current addresses, and phone numbers.

3) How did my property become unclaimed?
Payments and notice of unclaimed funds are often lost due to outdated, inaccurate, or incomplete mailing addresses. Very often the agencies holding your unclaimed funds are not motivated to locate owners because they benefit from keeping your property. Usually one notice is mailed out, but if the mailing address or name is wrong, the notice is never received by the rightful owner.

4) How do I begin recovering my property?
Contact our office right away before the deadline reaches. We will send you out our contingency agreement and limited power of attorney form. These forms give us the permission to initiate your claim on your behalf.

5) Why must I provide documentation with my personal information?
The agencies that are holding the funds require various forms of documentation containing personal information to prove entitlement. Along with the agencies claim form, this documentation is necessary and is standard practice when submitting claims. Providing documentation ensures you are in fact the true owner or heir and that you are entitle to recover the funds, it is simply a means of verification. Requiring personal information may seem intrusive but it is truly for your own protection and is necessary to prevent mistakes by releasing funds to the wrong person as well as fraud.

6) Why must I sign the contingency agreement and limited power of attorney form and what does it authorize Cash Findings, LLC to do?
The contingency fee agreement and limited power of attorney forms are necessary to begin the recovery process. They are standard forms that protects you the claimant and us, the recovery company. It describes the full terms of our agreement and the specific fee. The Limited Power of Attorney applies to this ONE transaction only. By signing it you do not confer or imply and other legal right to us, other than allowing us to assist you with the filing of the claim for the specified unclaimed funds listed in the agreement. WE CAN NOT ASSIST YOU WITHOUT THE SIGNING AND NOTARIZING OF THESE FORMS.

7) Is there any risk for working with Cash Findings, LLC?
NO! There is absolutely no risk when working with Cash Findings, LLC. We only get paid when you get paid. If for some reason we are unable to recover the funds for you, you owe us NOTHING. There are never any out of pocket expenses on the client’s part. Our fee is collected when we are successful and is based on a percentage of the recovered property and will be deducted from the proceeds of your recovered property. The percentage we receive and the amount you will recover are clearly written in the contingency fee agreement.

8) How long will it take until I receive my property?
It generally takes between 30-90 days once a completed claim has been received. It can take longer or shorter, depending upon the complexity of the claim and government agency processing time.

9) The name on the unclaimed property account is my parent who is deceased, am I entitled to recover their funds?
If you are the legal heir of the unclaimed property then you are entitled to recover the funds.

10) Why should I pay Cash Findings, LLC, to assist me?
Ask yourself the question, would you have known that you were owed money if we didn’t contact you? It took us time, effort, and money to locate you about YOUR unclaimed funds. There are many things in life that we can do ourselves for free and sometimes we pay professionals to perform a service for us. Our business is helping recover money that would have been forfeited to the agency holding it.

11) Is Cash Findings, LLC registered with the Better Business Bureau?
YES! We are an A+ BBB rated Business. Please visit us online! Cash Findings, LLC, Professional Services  General, Duluth, GA