Unfortunately due to claimants lack of belief that they truly have unclaimed funds multimillion of dollars go unclaimed each year before the redemption period expires. Once this happens government agencies legally take possession of multimillion of dollars each and every year. More »


You owe us NOTHING if we are unable to obtain your funds. Our firm earns a nominal fee of only 30% of the total amount recovered for you. We are paid ONLY when we recover your funds from the government agency. More »

How do you begin recovering your cash property?

Contact our office today, we will explain to you how the process works to recover your unclaimed funds. We can help you have your cash in hand in as little as 30 DAYS or less. More »



s1Attention: If you have been contacted by our office by letter or phone, we are attempting to reach you regarding your unclaimed funds. In a recent investigative audit conducted by our office of a government municipality your name or business was found to have unclaimed funds being held by that municipal government agency.

It is urgent that you contact our office immediately to learn more about your unclaimed funds. Time is of the essence. If you sit around wondering if this opportunity is real your unclaimed funds could legally be turned over to the municipal government agency’s general fund account if not claimed within a certain time frame.

This is not a scam but a real opportunity for you to claim your unclaimed funds owed to you by an undisclosed government municipality. We are not asking you for any money upfront all we are asking for is your cooperation. We receive a nominal contingency fee for our investigative work and efforts. We only need you to contact our office today so we may begin the redemption process before your redemption period ends. By law the government municipality will become the legal recipient of your unclaimed funds if the redemption period ends prior to you recovering your funds.

These funds will never show up on state unclaimed money sites. We honestly encourage you to search at the link listed below to see if you are listed. You might be lucky and discover money there also, but it is not the same funds we are referencing. These funds we informed you of are not required to be turned over to the state or reported on this site.

To be honest time is running out, the way we see it we are in this together. The only way either of us will benefit by this opportunity is through cooperation. Neither of us want to see the municipal government agency take legal possession of your funds, hence our office reached out to you by letter and phone. The government municipality stands to have a financial gain by NOT trying hard to locate you. They will get to keep the FULL amount of your unclaimed funds if the funds are not claimed within a specific time frame. The specific time deadline varies between each state. Without working together, that time may expire on you. Cooperation between the claimant and Ca$h Findings, LLC is necessary to retrieve these funds before it is to late. Honestly, if you knew you had money out there you would have claimed it already.

Some people (such as government municipalities) try to discourage the use of tracers or finders as we are called, but the truth of the matter is, this is a government agency that will benefit financially if your funds are not claimed within a certain time frame. Without tracers or finders auditing the government agency to learn the whereabouts of these unclaimed funds and contacting the rightful owners to assist them in claiming the funds, the government agency would be able to keep your money, and you would know absolutely nothing about it.

We simply want to see you through to recovering your personal financial property before it is turned over, or “escheated”, before the ownership of the funds turn over to the government agency holding it. Think about that for a second how is escheated any different from being cheated out of ownership of your financial property. This made possible through the government agencies lack of effort to reach you. It couldn’t have been to hard because we were able to find you right, and we aren’t even government employees, we are just a private firm looking out for the interests of people like you.

Unlike many other companies who do the same thing and charge upwards of 50% of the amount owed to you, we are a Christian based company and charge a nominal fee of 20%-30% of the amount owed to you. We believe we are called to be a blessing to others and our company then turns around and donates 50% of our proceeds to fund outreach ministries throughout the suburbs of Atlanta. It is a win/win for everyone, you get money that you were unaware of and the ministries get assistance in their fund raising efforts for low income individuals and families to receive assistance.

God, literally, gave us this business opportunity to help and be a blessing to many others. We do not mind being used as long as we are able to assist others in receiving what is rightfully theirs.


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